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We offer an unrivaled assortment of the world’s most respected brands of audio, video, and automation components. Our brands of equipment have been carefully selected not only for their incredible performance but also for their unmatched value.

Keenly aware of design and architecture, the goal is maximizing comfort, simplicity, and entertainment while aesthetically blending into your home’s decor. We love reducing the visibility of the multitude of electronic devices in your home to allow architecture, furnishings, and art to take center stage. Let us help you hide light switches, thermostats, speakers, TVs, and more. We specialize in a wide variety of products designed to disappear when not in use, and spring to life upon demand. We also believe that fewer buttons are almost always better. Complexity results in clutter and frustration, which we work diligently to eliminate.

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Our Partners and Brands

Savant luxury home automation solutions are engineered to simplify life — not complicate it. Savant unifies all of your whole house audio and video, lighting control systems, security, climate, communications, internet, and ancillary services into one easy-to-use, seamless experience.

At the core of every Savant smart home or commercial installation is a reliable and maintenance-friendly open platform combining the most advanced and revolutionary media and computing products from Apple®, the breakthrough configuration, and intelligent control software: RacePoint Blueprint™, and the power of a Savant SmartSystem — a novel solution that defines reliability in the previously unstable world of automation.

ROTEL is a 45 year old high performance audio/video manufacturer of receiver, preamplifiers, surround sound processors, power amplifiers, DVD, CD players, tuners and multi-zone electronics for hi-fi and home theater.
ROTEL is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest in affordable, high performance home theater and hi-fi components. They make everything from core components to complete products themselves. In their own factories. Under their own control.